How to Hide a WordPress Page From Google

How to Hide a WordPress Page From Google
Kathleen Lawrence

Recently my colleague created a draft page for another colleague to review (using a password) thinking that it would be hidden. However, I got a message on my phone from Google showing me there was an update on a website I recently visited – but with a note that it was password protected. This is not something I’d like anyone else to get as it would be annoying rather than useful since they wouldn’t be able to access the page. So really i don’t think it is enough to password protect something – we should probably also be doing one of the first two methods to keep it hidden. Would you agree?

How to Set WordPress to Hide a Page or Post from Google
Karla Simmons

Although you want as much content as possible in search engines to help drive traffic, not everything needs to be publicized. The above methods help reduce showing those elements in sites like Google. If you want to make the entire site inaccessible, you may want to consider setting your website to be completely private. This way, neither search engines or scrapers will be able to access the content.

How to Hide a WordPress site From Google
Reena Downs

Recently, one of our readers asked if it was possible to hide a WordPress site from Google? Sometimes you may need to hide a page from Google to protect your privacy or to keep away unwanted users. In this article, we will show you how to hide a WordPress page from Google without affecting your site’s overall SEO.

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