How to Hide a Post From Home Page in WordPress

How to Hide a Post From Home Page in WordPress
Daniele Vidal

Have you ever wanted to hide a post from your WordPress home page? While you can make WordPress posts password protected or private, in some cases you may simply want to hide the post from your homepage while still allowing others to view it if they have the URL. In this article, we will show you how to hide posts from selected pages in WordPress such as homepage, category archives, feed, search results, and more.

How to Hide a Post From Home Page in WordPress
Karleen Curran

For example, if you want to show a particular piece of article the RSS feed but not the home page. There are many user who publishes number of articles everyday specially in the starting days of the blog to increase the overall number of posts. However, all of them may not have the quality to make to the home page of the site.

How to Hide Posts on Your WordPress Site’s Home Page
Lan Pacheco

You can hide the post in question in all of these ways or just from the home page. In every other place you don’t select, the post will appear as normal with normal linking structure and everything. That is, it will still have a standard permalink and will be included in the sitemap. This means it’s still searchable via search engines and will appear in those results but it won’t appear at the top of your site. This can also be helpful when you’re creating exclusive content for your readers and you plan on only providing access to it by means of a direct link.

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