How to Grayscale Images in WordPress

How to Add GrayScale Hover Effect to Images in WordPress
Elvira Abbott

Some times you might want to add hover effects to a particular post only. For Example if you want to apply hover effects to a dedicated gallery page then this approach is for you. We will be making use of the WordPress Post Styling plugin created by Joe Dolson. WP Post Styling Plugin allows you to create custom styles snippets and insert them into specific Page / Posts.

How to Grayscale Images in WordPress
Genevieve White

Did you ever wonder if there was a way to automatically grayscale images in WordPress when you upload them? Well the wondering time is over. In this article, we will show you how you can use some simple PHP image manipulation tools and WordPress functions to automatically grayscale images upon upload. You can use grayscale images for hover, sliders, gallery, or anything else you like.
Desiree Johnson

Real Accessability plugin adds custom accessability such as font resizer, color inverse, black & white…
Nedra Vanhorn

is it possible to set Grayscale function to the images? To be more clear, can the plugin convert all images to grayscale and show the colored image on hover? Something as here –

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