How to Get User Feedback on Your Documentation in WordPress

How To Gather User Feedback On Your WordPress Site
Josephine Harrison

There’s a tool BugRem – I have used & it works superb. As a tech maniac, I suggest to give it a try. I have been using this tool for quite sometime now. It allows me to submit criticism/feedback and bug reports by means of screen capture. As a client, I could also hide any delicate data on the image. Since it is lightweight (less than 8KB), it didn’t slowed down my site. In addition to that, it is simple to incorporate to my site. Based from its features, the tool works with a variety of tools like Jira, Trello, etc.

Writing Effective Documentation For WordPress End Users
Sherita Diamond

With our users identified, we also needed to provide them with two sets of documentation, each with its own strengths:Demonstrative
Because we needed to introduce developers to a different way of thinking about WordPress — using .ini files instead of messing directly with PHP — we wanted to introduce the concept in a fun way. Bowe came up with minions; a cast of characters each of whom would introduce a configuration file. We used humor and pop culture to make Infinity fun to learn about. Check it out.Infinity’s minions.Practical
Once the developer has learned what Infinity can do, they need to be able to easily do it. Marshall documented every function and then used phpDocumentor to create documentation from all of the source code. The documentation is written in Markdown and then parsed to both the theme and the library, so it has to be updated only once. As well as offering access from the library, Infinity includes documentation in the dashboard so that developers can access it while working on their theme.Infinity’s UIA major difficulty has been the speed at which Infinity is updated. Bowe and Marshall asked me to come on board in the beta phase, which saw massive changes. Any docs I wrote would be out of date within a few weeks. I asked Bowe and Marshall what advice they would give to other developers in a similar situation:“Our advice would be to write down a basic outline of the feature you want to create. When the feature has made it into your product, really take the time to properly document it based on your outline BEFORE you move on to the next feature.”

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