How to Get Quick Feedback on Your Articles in WordPress

How to Get Quick Feedback on Your Articles in WordPress
Aurora Delacruz

Want to get quick feedback on your articles in WordPress? Normally readers can leave feedback in comments, but due to the public nature of comments, majority of people leave without giving any kind of feedback. In this article, we will show you how to get quick feedback on your articles in WordPress.

How to Get User Feedback on Your Documentation in WordPress
Linsey Sawyers

Writing documentation is no easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort to write good documentation for any product, service, or technology. But all this effort and time would be wasted if users are not finding it helpful. To bridge this gap, larger corporations provide a simple feedback form at the end of their documentation articles that asks the user a simple question “Did you find this article useful?”. Recently, while working on a client’s project, we found a need for a solution that allows us to get user feedback on our documentation. In this article, we will show you how to get readers feedback on your documentation in WordPress.

How To Get Feedback on Your WordPress Articles
Sara Romero

So you have posted some great articles on your WordPress website but engagement has been limited. You would like some comments but oftentimes readers don’t want to leave them because they are too public. In this article, I will show you exactly how to get WordPress article feedback from your readers.

How to Set Up Facebook Instant Articles in WordPress (Step by Step)
Phyllis Cohen

Facebook Instant Articles is a project by Facebook that allows publishers like you to distribute your posts on Facebook, so your visitors can access pages faster than standard mobile web articles. To deliver your content almost instantly to your visitors on Facebook, Instant Articles loads a stripped-down version of your site in the Facebook mobile app.

Top 10 User Feedback Plugins for WordPress

18 Feb 2019

Nerissa Daily

Mopinion is a free feedback form plugin which enables users to capture suggestions, bugs and compliments, and collect visual feedback (screenshots) on individual page elements. This is all possible when your visitor clicks on the feedback button that is visual on your website. The feedback form is completely customisable, meaning users can change or add feedback questions, add their own design or logo, choose their own language and set up triggers for actions such as exit intent.

Once feedback is collected, it will be immediately available on a personal Mopinion account that is created upon downloading the plugin. Alternatively, users can receive feedback alerts straight in their email inbox.

Learn more about the Mopinion plugin.

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