How to Get Old WordPress Admin Interface in WordPress 3.8

How to Get Old WordPress Admin Interface in WordPress 3 8
Alyssa Osborne

Some users may have updated to the WordPress 3.9 interface and disliked the changes. While it dies have new features some users simply want to use the previous interface for comfort. In this video, we will show you how to get the old WordPress admin interface in WordPress 3.8.

An Alternative Admin Interface for WordPress 3.8
Greta Nielsen

Even if you don’t think that the WordPress admin needs a more tactile appearance, it’s cool to see the freedom designers and developers have to make changes with just a simple CSS file. Since millions of people are using WordPress, it’s likely that more alternatives to the admin design will pop up. Personally, I prefer the default interface as it currently ships with 3.8, but not everyone perceives colors, space and balance in the same way. We’re lucky that with WordPress you’re never locked into the default.

Add a custom admin colour scheme in WordPress 3.8
Aurora Delacruz

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