How to Get Jetpack without a Account using Slim Jetpack

How to Get Jetpack without a Account using Slim Jetpack
Genevieve White

Jetpack is a set of plugins developed by Automattic to bring functionality to users. Despite the fact that it is one of the most downloaded plugins in the directory, many do not like the way it forces users to connect with to use modules that have no need for the API. Until you connect, the plugin shows an annoying banner through out your dashboard. Not to mention that a lot of these modules worked just fine in the past without the authentication until those plugins were merged into Jetpack. This was the reason why we forked the Carousel element and released Carousel without Jetpack plugin. Well if you are one of the users who are annoyed by these marketing gimmicks, and you want other features than just the carousel, then you would love this. In this article we will show you how to get Jetpack features without a account using Slim JetPack.

Activate Jetpack Plugin without WordPress.COM Account by Slim Jetpack
Milda Layman

Go to Settings >> Slim Jetpack, here, you can see all the available modules and features of Slim Jetpack. Activating these all features are as simple as that of WordPress but the only thing different is that you don’t need to connect it with WordPress.COM account.

Why You Need a Account for Jetpack
Glory Ketchum

In many cases — for example, our content delivery network, which hosts your images on the servers — we already had the infrastructure in place to use Automattic’s servers for this feature, whether you enabled the feature from a site or a self-hosted site with Jetpack.

Connecting Jetpack to
Pat Sullivan

After activating and installing Jetpack, you’ll need to connect it to A account is required so that Jetpack can provide your site with stats and analytics about your traffic, site security, faster content delivery, sharing tools and multiple site management from one interface.

Jetpack Alternatives: How to Get Jetpack-Style Functionality With Other Plugins
Tonya Mcgee

Everyone loves Jetpack, right? The Jetpack plugin cuts out the need to install many other plugins since it packs over 40 features into what many call a mega-plugin. Some people, including myself, rather enjoy Jetpack. On the other hand, there are the skeptics. One side of the argument states that it’s the most convenient, all-in-one plugin, while others are cautious about relying on one plugin for all site functionality. That’s why it’s a good idea to know about the best Jetpack alternatives.

Useful Snippets
Daniele Vidal

There is a nifty developer mode that makes it possible to use Jetpack without connecting a account to your site – making it essentially “offline-mode”. If you’re a user of the now deprecated JP Plugins that allowed you to use Jetpack features without Jetpack itself, this is a good alternative.

The ideal way to experience WordPress
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