How to Get Google’s Verified Authorship for your WordPress Blog

How to Set Up Verified Google+ Authorship markup in WordPress
Betty Barnes

Once your Google+ authorship is verified, the search results for your website would show the author information such as author’s name, author’s Google+ profile picture and followers on Google+. Case study’s shows that implementing Google+ authorship on your blog can increase the traffic by 150%. This is because users are most likely to click on search results with verified authorship compared to the results with no markup. It increases the CTR (click through rate).

How To Verify Google Authorship Markup For Your WordPress Blog.
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Get Google Verified Authorship for Your WordPress Blog
Shelley Diaz

Most of the time when you are searching on the Google, you will easily find the author picture in the search result. If you have blog or site from Google then Google will automatically verify your authorship for your blog or site. but in the case of WordPress you need to be verified your WordPress blog to Google.

How to get Google Verified Authorship
Vi Neville

Once you make sure that this option is checked the configuration on your Google+ profile are finished and you will need to perform the final configuration this time however on your website.

In order for the feature to be available for your website you will need to add a line of code to the header.php file of the template your WordPress website is currently using. Before adding the code however you will need to first build it.

The code looks like:
<link rel=”author” href=”” />

Here you will need to change the href value to the actual URL of your Google+ profile. If you are not quite sure how to get that URL you will simply need to login into your Google+ account and got to the Profile section located at the left dropdown menu.

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