How to Get Email Notifications for Posts Pending Review in WordPress

How to Notify of a Pending Post in WordPress
Vella Whalen

WordPress lets you add multiple members of your company or organization as contributors to a single blog. As an administrator, you can instruct WordPress to notify you or any of your other authors via email every time a post changes. For pending posts, the designated notification recipients will receive an email each time an author saves a draft. This makes it easy for team members to monitor progress on pending posts before they go live.

How to Send a WordPress Email for a Post Pending Review
Liliana Cardona

HeyPublisher is another plugin that focuses on user-created content. It allows submissions and holds them for review until you have a chance to read through the posts. It comes with the ability to create custom emails for the authors regarding their submissions. In this instance, it sends post notification email to the creator.
Mary Mann

If a user adds an event from the Front End and sets the event to Pending Review, the admin does not get an email notification. How do I set it so that the admin gets an email when a user requests a review of their event?

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