How to Get Email Alerts for 404 Errors in WordPress

How to Get Email Alerts for 404 Errors in WordPress
Brandi Flores

404 errors are a cause of concern for many WordPress users. Particularly those who have just moved from to self hosted, or from one domain to another. These errors not only affect user experience on your site, they can also affect your site’s performance on search engines. In this article, we will show you how to get email alerts for 404 errors in WordPress.
Naomi Pratt

Because every theme is different, there is no guarantee that copying over the 404.php template file found in the Twenty Thirteen Theme will work, but it’s a good place to start. The error page you copy from the Twenty Thirteen Theme will adopt the style of the current theme because it actually calls the header and footer of the current theme. That’s less work for you, and you may only have to edit the message to suit your particular needs.

How to Improve Your 404 Page Template in WordPress
Nora Coleman

Thanks! I’d used for 2 years before moving to selfhosting. It was exciting to take out all the dates on my articles, but then I started realizing my most popular page by far was the 404! I did the work to use the redirect plugin (also great for posts with rotten original headlines), but haven’t done it for all 400+.
The email alert will be a relief and the most recent/popular/etc posts idea is great.
Della Armstrong

I have a website, every time I login to Google webmaster tools, I found many new discovered 404 error links, the problem is not in 404 errors itself, but when Google see them and count them for you!, I think that this count used in the overall site evaluation and ranking, I decided to develop All 404 Redirect to Homepage WordPress Plugin to solve these errors in SEO way by redirecting them using SEO 301 redirection.

How to Email 404 Error to WordPress Admin
Freda Moody

A big thanks to wp-mix for this wonderful emailing tricks.
Though my WordPress theme has a special 404.php file that not only display the most popular post from six user defined categories but also send me an email alert. This way i am able to reduce bounce rate on my website as well as able to remove these soft errors.

How to fix the 404 errors in wordpress
Margaret Vargas

Another option how to fix the 404 errors in wordpress is by creating the simple .htaccess file with the default rewrite rules for wordpress. Resetting the permalinks like explained above will create the .htaccess file for you automatically, however in case wordpress can not create the file for you, it will tell you the contents that need added to your .htaccess file.

How to Fix 404 Error on WordPress Posts and Pages (3 Methods)
Amira Kimmel

Your goal here is to eliminate each plugin as a suspect, one by one. You could disable all of them at once, but in most cases, it’s a single plugin that’s causing your problems. If disabling one of your plugins fixes the issue, you have three options. You can see if there’s an update available, keep the plugin temporarily disabled until there’s an update, or uninstall it and look for an alternative.

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