How to Get Documents Signed With WordPress Quickly?

How to Get Documents Signed With WordPress Quickly?
Rubie Canty

Hands down, WP E-Signature, is the ultimate solution for signing online documents via WordPress. It can help you to send effectively, track and e-sign any documents but only using your website. The plugin will help you upload unlimited documents for signature to potentially unlimited signers, and you can also force SSL for security purposes. WP E-Signature can help you to use your existing contracts and load them into WordPress digital e-signature. You can also create templates or stand-alone documents for recurrent usage.

How to Get Documents Signed With WordPress
Stefanie Katz

I’ve just bought and installed WP Online Contract and it does everything I need it to. Our compliance team have no issues with the legality of the contracts either as the IP address and time and date suffice. However, one issue I have come across is the fact that in order for the plug in to work it needs to call php files directly in the plugins folder, which is considered bad practice apparently. I have had to deactivate some security features in order for the plug in to work. I don’t know if there’s any other way the plug in can work but it may be worth researching and rolling out a security update, as this is the only issue in an otherwise perfect plugin.

How to Simply Design Your Own Website With WordPress—Quickly
Lorette Thurman

Finally, you’ll need to plan and write the content for your site. Make a list of all the pages you want to have on your site a write a couple of paragraphs for each of them. You may want to consider adding a services page that lists your packages if your website is business oriented. Don’t forget to include a Contact page as well as an About page so your visitors can learn more about you and have a way of contacting you.

How to Create a Wiki-Style Website With WordPress, Quickly
Doloris Denham

If you decided to install WordPress for your support section in a subdirectory of your website, the process is very simple. After logging into your cPanel, simply go to to Software/Services where you’ll find a WordPress icon. Click the icon and choose Install. Select your domain name from the drop down menu and then type in the subdirectory name in the field below.

Apache Friends
Stacy Roberson

XAMPP add-ons are provided by Bitnami, which specializes in pre-configured infrastructure and application stacks for native, virtual machine and cloud use. Bitnami stacks work the same way across platforms – this means that by using the WordPress Bitnami add-on instead of “rolling your own” WordPress configuration, you’re guaranteed that your WordPress blog will look and work the same way even if you later migrate it from your local XAMPP environment to a cloud server.

How to sign contracts and documents online in WordPress
Sara Romero

Approve Me’s WP E-Signature is probably the most often recommended WordPress e-signature plugin. It’s fully UETA/ESIGN compliant, and allows for unlimited signers and documents. It also offers encryption to keep your documents secure. E-Signature creates an automatically-generated audit report for every signed document, including detailed information about signers, logged IP addresses, document analytics, and more.

How to Create Your Own Business Website With WordPress (Quickly)
Cristina Cox

The best part about WordPress is the sheer amount of beautiful themes that allow you to create a stunning website and customize it with a few clicks of the mouse. On top of that, WordPress also has an impressive collection of free and paid plugins that allow you to extend the functionality of WordPress even more and add features such as social sharing buttons, contact forms, Google Maps, slideshows, and much more.

How to Make a Website for a Restaurant With WordPress (Quickly)
Stacey Miller

Instagram is a very popular social network at the time, with over 700 million active users. Many restaurants are already taking advantage of the platform and sharing daily photos of their meals as well as their staff, restaurant interior, and photos that portray their brand in a fun and creative way. With the proper use of hashtags and geo-tagging your photos, you are bound to attract a few new patrons your way on a regular basis.

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