How to Get a Free SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Website

How to Get an SSL Certificate and Install It on Your WordPress Site
Tonya Mcgee

While there are some web hosts who offer “free” certificates from the likes of Let’s Encrypt, those solutions are typically only good for basic websites. Anything more and you should be looking at a reliable Certificate Authority. The additional value that comes with GoDaddy SSL certificates–the strongest encryption on the market, top-level customer support, and 24/7 assistance–is worth the fee.

How to Get Cheap SSL Certificates for WordPress Websites
Ethel Hopkins

Basically, Let’s Encrypt began as an open SSL / TLS certificate authority. Almost a year back, SSL certificates used to be mostly paid for (excluding the occasional trials). With the advent of Let’s Encrypt, the scenario has changed. All good web hosting providers, including many managed WordPress hosts, offer support and native integration for Let’s Encrypt. It works seamlessly whether you are hosting on NGINX, Apache or LiteSpeed. Plus, Let’s Encrypt certificates are supported and recognized by almost all the major web browsers.

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