How to Generator Dynamic Content With WordPress Cosmos Plugin

How to Generator Dynamic Content With WordPress Cosmos Plugin
Freda Moody

Cosmos plugin for WordPress can be the key that your business is missing. Handling dynamic requests is now a need for websites, especially WooCommerce powered ones. Cosmos plugin is the only WordPress plugin that has the capability to handle the incoming URL parameters/UTM codes. By accepting the incoming values, the plugin dynamically generates the content from your website. And, this can quickly open doors of opportunities for the eCommerce websites, blogs and other forms of the content publishing firm.

WordPress Dynamic Content Plugin
Genevieve White

I’ve been a WordPress developer for ten years, and an eCommerce specialist for almost as long. I have led the team that built,,, along with the best minds in the business for more than three years. One of our most important tools at the enterprise level that helps increase conversions is something called Personalization.

Kristin Patterson

By default Cosmos Plugin will return completely random content chosen from all categories, tags and any other taxonomies. Enabling the advanced term parameters gives you the ability to limit the queries by either excluding defined terms or limiting the results to defined terms.
You can also choose to completely ignore incoming URL parameters. This is useful if you want to display content that does not need to be custom for visitors. This is best used when combined with either limiting the terms or excluding terms.
The limit and exclude terms parameters are taxonomy agnostic, meaning the term name can apply to any taxonomy such as tag, category, product-category, etc. There is no need to specify which taxonomy the term is in.
To enable this feature, navigate to the Cosmos settings page in the dashboard and click on the menu item for ‘Advanced Options’.
Select Enable from the radio buttons on the page.

Cosmos Plugin Tutorial Videos
Xenia Seal

Beaver Builder integrates with Cosmos through the text editor module. This video shows how you can use Beaver Builder with Cosmos to start adding dynamic content to your pages and layouts that are created with Beaver Builder.

Cosmos Plugin Screenshots
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Cosmos plugin is easy to use, and provides users with on demand instructions on how to set up the plugin and begin using it.
The settings page has an automated tour that will guide you through configuration of the plugin. The tour can be accessed any time from the settings page by clicking on the ‘Start Tour’ link from the settings menu.

Cosmos Dynamic Content Builder Details and FAQ
Amelia Glover

Once the page or post with the shortcode loads, it will first check to see if any URL parameters are present. If there are URL parameters, it will look for content that matches it in categories, tags or any other taxonomy. Cosmos looks at all taxonomies associated with a given content type. Once a match is found, then that content will be displayed. If multiple matches are found, then [ cosmos ] will follow instructions in the shortcode parameter for ordering. This means either random content, latest published, latest modified, by name, or by author.

Build Dynamic Landing Pages In WordPress
Margherita Boyle

The plugin will use the URL parameters sent to your landing page from the ad service to swap out entire regions of content in your templates with relevant products from your store, blog posts, pages, testimonials, images, whole blocks of text and more.

Documentation & Tutorials
Jody Banks

The license key is valid for one year from the purchase date. An active license key is needed for access to automatic updates and support. Your license can be renewed each year at 60% of the current price.

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