How to Force WordPress to Check for Plugin Updates

How to Force WordPress to Check for Updates
Tricia Floyd

Your site will “phone home” to regularly, but sometimes this doesn’t happen. When your site won’t check for updates, you can make it check with the Force Plugin Updates plugin. It’ll save you from waiting around and hoping the update will soon show up.
Ashlee Griggs

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My problem is that I don’t get any update notifications for any of my plugins. For example, my All in one seo plugin is still at version 2.6.1 even though it’s at 2.8 now. Same for about 10 other plugins. They just won’t update and this plugin doesn’t change anything. This is crazy.

How to force WordPress to check for updates
Kristin Patterson

WordPress is a live framework and therefore, must constantly update its components on issues like
security, performance or – to keep up with technology – add more features from time to time.
Here is our tip that will help you ‘Force Plugin Updates Check.’
Just to be clear: We are of course familiar with the saying “if its not broke don’t fix it,” but as far as updates go we consider it to be
important maintenance that should be implemented on any WordPress website.
Amira Kimmel

Support » Plugin: Force Plugin Updates Check

Mikaela Werner

A good feature of WordPress is the ability to automatically update plugins and themes with just a click of a button. On other CMS’s when a new version of a plugin or theme is made available you have to download the plugin and FTP this up to the server to update the plugin. Obviously this isn’t ideal if your client isn’t very comfortable with making changing to the files on FTP, this leads to plugins and themes not being updated for years. But in WordPress you are alerted to any plugins that have an update available and there will constantly be an alert on the menu of the admin area.

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