How to Fix WordPress FeedBurner Feeds Not Updating

How to Fix WordPress FeedBurner Feeds Not Updating
Malinda Lumpkin

As a matter of last resort, if you have a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP-Supercache installed then you may have to clear the cache from your admin panel or simply disable caching the feeds. Although this is written for W3 Total Cache, a similar method will work for other plugins. Go to “Performance” in the left hand column. Under that there should be an option for “Page Cache”. Click on it and then uncheck the box that reads “Cache feeds: site, categories, tags, comments”. This will prevent your plugin’s cache from backing up and not allowing Feedburner to display new content.

How to Fix a WordPress RSS Feed Not Updating to Feedburner
Carmen Tyler

Feedburner is one of those elements on the Internet that doesn’t receive much in the way of development from Google. Because it’s so integrated with other online systems and thousands upon thousands of websites, Google cannot kill it. As a result, many still use it to share their posts with readers. But what happens when the WordPress RSS feed is not updating?

How to fix Feedburner feeds not updating issue in wordpress
Bethany Reynolds

We have discussed more about Feedburner on how to setup Feedburner feeds for wordpress and the importance of Feedburner for SEO.  For verifying Technorati claim token a few days back when we checked our Feedburner feed it seemed like our feeds were not updated for several posts and it gave as a big shock. After several researches we found out the solution for Feedburner feeds not updating issue in wordpress and we are here to help with that problem.

FeedBurner is Not Updating: How to Fix it
Flora Zimmerman

I’ve already shared a complete guide on setting up FeedBurner for WordPress blog. It’s an awesome tool to send latest blog updates to the readers via RSS feeds or Emails. It has been working great for me. Few days back, One of my readers emailed me that FeedBurner sent him the same blog updates again and again. Then I checked my FeedBurner immediately and I found that Feedburner is not updating. That’s why it sends the same email. Here is a suggestion for you, always subscribe to your Feedburner newsletter so that you can see what’s happening on your Feedburner.

Fix WordPress RSS Feed Not Updating Problem
Pat Sullivan

If you find error in WordPress feed generation, go to WordPress forum and search with something closer to WordPress Feed not updating or like that. There is a plugin, some says it works; some says it never works. Other point is old things – some extra lines or white spaces in some files in wp-includes folder. That means you are a victim of intense headache. You can rename the Plugin folder to deactivate the plugins, change the theme etc. but usually they do not work. The reason is, the left data in wp options in MySQL database, for which we have a video guide on how to clean it up. WordPress will appear a pain to you if these happens. But really these are part of life.

FeedBurner feed not updating? See how to fix it.
Eula Moore

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