How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death

WordPress White Screen of Death – How to Fix It Fast
Francisco Carrington

One of the easiest and most common ways to fix the WordPress white screen of death is to simply disable all your plugins. A lot of times a site goes down due to a bad plugin update. If you can still access your admin, a quick way to do this is to browse to “Plugins” and select “Deactivate” from the bulk actions menu. This will disable all of your plugins. If this fixes the issue you’ll need to find the culprit. Start activating them one by one, reloading the site after each activation. When your front-end goes down, you’ve found the misbehaving plugin. You can then reach out to the plugin developer for help or post a support ticket in the WordPress repository.

How to fix the WordPress white screen of death
Elvira Abbott

This has been the biggest help, i had the WSOD. And i have been in a panic for 4 days, 8 hours on online chat to my host. I dont know how long iv spent on computer, Last week i would have told you a plugin was an air freshener. I followed the really well written steps that can be understood by a tech phobe as myself, and my ecommerce site is up and running after just half hour, god knows how much the website shop was going to charge me for this tomorrow
Although i didnt find the offending plugin as i was just updating each one that displayed it needed an update as i went through and then i got to the last plugin and it was fine. All up and running, i suppose maintence is key, hopefully i can find something on google as informative as what iv found here. Again thank you for taking time to put info up, greatly appreciated

How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death
Eileen Guerrero

Pro: If you don’t have access to your WordPress admin, you can still check your plugins, but it’s a little more complicated and you won’t have the benefit of a CMS. In order to deactivate all of your plugins, you’ll have to work with cPanel or log in via FTP. Using your FTP access, simply rename all of the plugin folders. If your website comes back up, properly rename the plugin folders one by one until you’ve found the one causing the trouble.

How to Fix the White Screen of Death in WordPress
Becky Gardner

In case your dashboard isn’t operational at all, you can disable plugins in WordPress using FTP access. A caveat is that you’ll only be able to do this if you have access to your FTP with the required directory permissions. Most hosting companies provide FTP service. However, if WordPress is installed on a Virtual Private Server or you’re with a managed host, you might not have an FTP server.

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