How to Fix the WordPress 429 Too Many Requests Error

Fixing WordPress 429 Too Many Requests Error
Melania Tripp

First thing you need to do is deactivate all WordPress plugins on your website. You can do this by visiting the plugins page in your WordPress admin area and selecting all plugins. After that, select ‘Deactivate’ under the bulk actions drop box and click apply.

HostPapa Knowledge Base
Josephine Harrison

However, the error can be encountered when a misbehaving script or plugin runs on your site and makes repeated requests to the server. To troubleshoot and resolve the issue, you should deactivate all plugins on your site, then reactivate them one by one. Check the front end of your site following each reactivation to see if the issue reoccurs. If it does, the culprit is most likely to be the last plugin your activated.

How to Fix WordPress 429 Too Many Requests Error
Brandi Flores

The most common factor of causing the error is a bad plugin present in the website. Sometimes it will make some request subsequently to the website which may reject with the error.
The solution to the problem is simple. Just deactivate all your WordPress plugins available in your website. It is easy to deactivate a plugin. Go to the admin area of WordPress and select plugins in the left menu bar and select all the plugins, then Click on deactivate button on the top menu.
Now check your website, if it doesn’t show the error the problem should be in plugins. Then find the misbehaving plugin by checking the plugins one by one. Activate the plugins one by one and check the website to find the bad plugin.

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