How to Fix the Syntax Error in WordPress

How to Fix the Parse Error Syntax Error in WordPress
Eileen Guerrero

If you cannot figure out how to fix your code, try uploading a fresh version of the file. If your theme is the problem, download a copy of it (the version you’re using). If you only have the original folder archived and have only updated the theme through the WordPress admin ever since, download a fresh copy of it from your theme provider.

How to Fix the Syntax Error on Your WordPress Website
Verla Miner

The Internet is filled with code snippets, plugins, themes, and tutorials about WordPress that promise to add new features that we want or that teach us about programming code for WordPress. Sometimes these tutorials and code snippets have errors. Sometimes we add our own errors through typos or through  trying to make modifications (guilty!). One simple error is enough to bring a WordPress site down. I’ve done it more than once and unless you troubleshoot the problem correctly, it can take hours to isolate the issue and fix it.

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