How to Fix Image Color and Saturation Loss in WordPress

How to Fix Image Color and Saturation Loss in WordPress
Aurora Delacruz

I have been struggling with the color loss a lot now and it is driving my slightly insane. I have been exporting my images as RGB, both sRGB and the web one in all possible combinations and WordPress is still stripping the color from my images. I don’t know what to do at this point.

How to Fix Image Color and Saturation Loss in WordPress
Kali Stackhouse

How many times have you faced this problem that you created a nice looking image with a right color combination and had uploaded to your WordPress dashboard or web and the main color effect lost? I am sure you must have realized this. The one which you created and the other that is showing on the web must be different in quality. So now the question is, why is this difference?

Graph Paper Press
Stefania Deaton

Converting to sRGB before uploading is fine if you’re just uploading a photo for online display, but not if you’re uploading a photo intended for sale as a digital download to professional photo buyers (editorial and commercial) and want to sell the highest quality originals using your Sell Media plugin. Ideally, we should be able to upload Adobe 1998 or ProPhoto files, have WordPress leave the originals untouched and have Web previews and thumbnails converted to sRGB when they’re generated. Struggles
Ammie Blodgett

This article is from  It will show you how to maintain the original image saturation, the intensity of colors, for using images in WordPress.  They provide detailed instructions using Photoshop and GIMP.  GIMP is a free and open source, Photoshop-like, image editor.  It is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.  It is very powerful and capable of the things Photoshop can do.  I have had it for years and never learned how to use GIMP.  I will be for sure now…
Veronica Meyer

Here’s another fun observation – if I click ‘open image in a new tab’ and check the color it’s #ff6000 but if I save it to my computer, open in Photoshop and check then it’s #e06016! How is this possible?
Katlyn Greco

What the heck happened to the image processing? These are the same images I used before the update and now many of them look really strange. We can’t have the colour shifting so dramatically especially for this category of products as it could create very unhappy customers because many images now look completely wrong compared to what they would be buying. Re-editing and uploading again is not a feasible solution as there are too many images that would need to be processed. (it also shouldn’t be necessary as the images were fine before the update)

How to Fix Image Color and Saturation Loss in WordPress
Stefanie Katz

Recently, one of our readers asked us for a way to prevent image color and saturation loss in WordPress? This is a common problem faced by many WordPress users uploading photos and images. In this article, we will show you how to fix image color and saturation loss in WordPress.

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