How to Fix Common Image Issues in WordPress

How to Fix Image Upload Issues in WordPress
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You may also try contacting your web host. They may know if there are configurations or fixes that are unique to their servers. If you have fixed this issue using methods not covered in this guide, please share them with our readers in the comments below. For more WordPress tutorials and step by step guides check our WP College blog.

How to fix common image issues in WordPress?
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6. Finding images for your website:
This is easier said than done; it is not like the old days when you could spot any image you liked and reuse the same on your website. In fact, most of the images that you come across online are bound to be protected by copyright laws. You can always use stock images with your content but they can be quite expensive and there are more than a few websites that sell stock images online. But you can also opt for royalty free images, there are more than a few online libraries that allow you to use its images for free, under a free license. But make sure that you carefully check the terms and conditions of the free license since some of these libraries prohibit commercial use of any of their free images.

HostPapa Knowledge Base
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If you’re writing many posts, it can sometimes be difficult to find suitable images for your WordPress site. There are plenty of commercial stock images libraries available online, but these can be expensive to use. Fortunately, there are also some great free image libraries that allow you to download and use images under a free license. Be sure to check the specific terms of the license before you use any image on your site – some licenses prevent images being used on commercial projects.

Some Common Image Issues In WordPress And How To Fix Them
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You can use Envira Gallery. It allows you to easily create beautiful and fully mobile friendly image galleries on your WordPress site. It adds additional functionality like Albums, gallery templates, social sharing abilities, slideshows, watermarking, pagination, password protection, tagging, fullscreen view, and much more.

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