How to Fix Add Media Button Not Working Issue in WordPress

How to Fix Add Media Button Not Working in WordPress
Verla Miner

Thanks! I was the one who asked it, But the thing is that I have been testing it in a micro blogging theme (P2) and wanted to remove footer credits, so after I tried plugins, I removed code after which the upload problem occurred on the FRONT END. Now this link is not for advertising purposes, but I want you to have a look here: I put back the code but even now it doesn’t do as it should.

How To Fix Add Media Button Not Working In WP
Francisco Carrington

Sometimes happens that the ‘Add Media’ button on WordPress site has suddenly stopped working. This problem does not display any error or warning which leaves users clueless about why their ‘Add Media’ button is not working. In this article, we will show you how to easily fix the ‘Add Media’ button not working issue in WordPress.

How To Fix WordPress Add Media Button Not Working
Ammie Blodgett

Freddy is a WordPress theme reviewer at WP Theme Raves, a published WordPress blogger, web dev and founder of Vista Media Enterprises – an online business dedicated to WordPress users looking to boost conversion rates through content marketing. He shares his wealth of experience here.

How to Fix Add Media Button Not Working in WordPress? – PowerPoint PPT Presentation
Kali Stackhouse

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