How to Fix 503 Service Unavailable Error in WordPress

How to Debug and Fix 503 Service Unavailable Error in WordPress
Amelia Glover

At times, buggy PHP script that throws up a 503 error could be part of your theme. For this part, we will switch to a default theme such as Twenty Seventeen. By the way, it’s advisable to keep the default theme even after installing a new theme since it (default theme) acts as the fallback theme should your theme fail.

How to Fix the 503 Service Unavailable Error In WordPress (In 4 Steps)
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So far, we’ve ruled out server-side errors, plugins, and themes as potential culprits for the error. That means there’s only one thing left on our list: custom scripts. The problem here is that most people lose track of their custom code additions. WordPress has a lot of files, so finding the right one and narrowing down the exact lines that cause the error is like looking for a needle in a haystack. What you need is a metaphorical metal detector, and WordPress includes one in the form of a debugging feature.

How to Fix 503 Service Unavailable Error in WordPress
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In this tutorial we will show you how to fix 503 service unavailable error in WordPress, on a Linux based virtual private server. If you encountered 503 service unavailable error in WordPress follow the steps below to investigate it and fix the problem. The 503 service unavailable error has a lot of potential causes. To be able to fix the 503 service unavailable error in WordPress, you will have to identify the root cause of the problem. First, make sure that you have SSH or FTP access to the server, and you are able to modify the WordPress files. Connect to your Linux server and follow the instructions below.

How to Fix the HTTP 503 Service Unavailable Error in WordPress
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Unfortunately, the process doesn’t work the same as above. WordPress won’t revert to the default theme if simply rename the theme folder, you would end up with an error like “The theme directory “theme name” does not exist.” Or if you try to rename the entire theme directory folder, you end up with “ERROR: The themes directory is either empty or doesn’t exist. Please check your installation.”

HostPapa Knowledge Base
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503 Service Unavailable errors occur when the web server can’t process PHP code. Most often this is happening when the server is experiencing unusually heavy load caused by increased traffic or a DDOS attack and the error will likely disappear on its own in a few minutes. However, if the error persists, follow the steps below to find and fix the problem.

How to fix 503 service unavailable error in WordPress
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6. Disable your active WordPress theme:
If deactivating the plugins had not worked and you are still seeing the same issue, then you need to check your theme and disable the current one. Again, access your server using the FTP client, and check out the root directory to your website. Now, head over to wp – content/ themes directory. You should be able to locate your theme folder; the file should be in the same name as your current active theme. Now, right click on it and choose the “rename” option. Now, rename your file and you will find that the theme has been disabled. Check and see if this takes care of the 503 error issue and that you are able to access your website, as usual. Do note, that if your website starts to work again it may look a td different because wordpess would have installed a default theme in place of the disabled one. Do note that if you continue using the recently disabled theme, then the chances for the error to occur again is quite high. A better idea would be to download the theme from its provider and ensure that you are using the latest version. Or you can go in for alternative themes and choose one that you prefer

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