How to Find Which Files to Edit in WordPress Theme

How to Find Which Files to Edit in WordPress Theme
Anja Garnett

I had hoped to use these directions to change the Post Office Mailing Address line at the bottom of my blog. However, installing and activating the What The File plugin produced no discernible results. Nothing new appeared on my Menu Bar. Also, to be honest, your instructions left me in the dark about how I would see the plugin displayed when viewing the blog page I wished to see. (Also, I’m already a subscriber via an alternate email address).

How to View and Edit WordPress Theme Files
Stefania Deaton

One of the biggest reasons why WordPress is such a powerful and popular platform for creating websites is because of customization. Whether you’re installing plugins for features or hand-coding elements, the system is quite flexible. Just make sure you’re making the right modifications. Adding too many plugins or using improper coding practices could lead to a compromised website.

Learn how to edit WordPress theme HTML
Lillie Butler

If you’re new to working with WordPress themes, learning how to edit WordPress theme HTML can be intimidating. Here’s how it usually unfolds: You get really excited to make a change to your website and open up a template file to make some edits. Immediately, you see a bunch of PHP code and start running for the hills. Slow down! It’s important to remember WordPress themes create fully functioning HTML pages. They just do it using PHP, which can be confusing at first. Once you understand the basics of how a WordPress theme actually works, the mystery starts to unravel.

How to edit WordPress themes when you’re not a developer
Xenia Seal

For example, if you want to modify a theme’s footer, and only the footer, you can create a child theme by following the instructions found on Simply copy footer.php from the parent theme and put it in the child’s directory. Then, WordPress will first load the footer.php found in the child, and if not, load the parent’s copy. This is definitely the safest way to modify a theme when you are learning how to edit WordPress themes via FTP.

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