How to Find Royalty Free Images for Your WordPress Blog Posts

Where to Find the Best Royalty Free Images for Your Blog Posts
Monica Lucas

And what if I want to create a “Best of Show” or “Last-Minute Gifts” blog. Would I need permission to post photos of the products in my blog? For instance, if I include an iPhone as a gift item, would I need permission from Apple to use a photo of their phone? Or do I simply give credit and specify where I got the photo (e.g., Image: Apple)?

How to Find Royalty Free Images for Your WordPress Blog Posts
Inez Ross

Pictures are a great way to add color to your site and grab users attention. Some users want to add great looking images but don’t know where to find them to add. In this video, we will show you how to find royalty free images for your WordPress blog posts.

11 Stunning Places to Find Free Images For WordPress
Francie Carver

Just like trying to find timeless content ideas, finding that right image – specifically, an image that is both free and royalty-free – can be a challenge.  It’s an essential part of the process, of course; after all, nobody wants to be accused of ripping off someone’s picture.  Yet it can create a headache if you don’t know where to look. Fortunately, there are several awesome sites that you can visit to pick up free images for your WordPress blog.  These sites, like the ones that follow, have strong reputations for being user-friendly, built for efficiency, and having a multitude of options.

How to Quickly Search for Free Royalty Free Images for Your WordPress Blog
Yvette Garrett

Having Pixabay Images plugin installed on your WordPress blog you can save your time on images as you are no longer need to Googling for images. But, wait. How many images available in Pixabay?. Too many. Pixabay has over 890,000 free stock images. All are free to download and use. And, you will love it, you are not required to mention the attribute of each image you use.

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