How to Find Post, Category, Tag, Comments, or User ID in WordPress

Find Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, or User IDs in WordPress
Eliana Ohara

The posts, pages are identified by a unique numerical ID in WordPress but slugs are used in URLs so as to make it more user-friendly. However sometimes you may encounter situations where ID of the posts, pages, categories etc is required. So, in this article we are going to show you how to find the post, page, category, tag, comment or user ID in WordPress. Finding the IDs of all the items are generally similar, however we have described the processes separately which are listed below.

How to Find User, Post, Category, Comments or Tag IDs in WordPress
Lucienne Coon

Many of the elements in WordPress are controlled by ID numbers. After installing WordPress, you may see something like a “post=” in the URL of content. These identifiers remain in WordPress even after changing the permalinks. This is because of the development nature of the system itself.

How To Find Post, Category, Tag, Comment & USER ID in WordPress
Melania Tripp

If you are a wordpress developer or maybe wish to mess around with codes in your wordpress blog, there must have been times you wished to find user, post, tag, comment or category ID in order to complete a task.

How to Find ID of WordPress Posts, Pages, & Categories
Cora Mullins

Here is a problem though. if you are looking for your own ID, you won’t get it using this method. To find out your own User ID Follow this – Go to All users. Now at the right side of your screen you’ll see the number of posts you’have written. Click on that number.

Find Category ID In WordPress
Yvette Garrett

-> Move the mouse cursor over the WordPress Category name
-> copy the link by right-clicking it.  -> ‘Copy Link Location’ or ‘Copy Link Address’  ->paste the URL to a text editor such as notepad. That’s all!

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