How to Find Pending Unconfirmed Users in WordPress

How to Find Pending Unconfirmed Users in WordPress
Courtney Page

Very timely as I had a new site where many of the people missed their first email. I just tested Unconfirm and unfortunately it didn’t work. I know there are at least 20 unconfirmed but it found no-one. It could be because the plugin has not been updated for many months. I am testing Re-Welcome now to see how that goes.

How to Find Pending Unconfirmed Users in WordPress?
Sara Romero

Users with accounts not yet activated are pending unconfirmed users. At times there are users who have made successful form submissions through RegistrationMagic. However, their account is not yet ready and active. The account can only be active with admin intervention. Let’s learn the easy way to find pending unconfirmed users in WordPress

How to Find Pending Unactivated Users in WordPress
Christy Garner

That really depends on you and your site development. It’s safe to assume that after a month and five registration emails sent, the user has no interest and should be deleted. It’s up to how strict you want to set your own guidelines for account activation. However, be reasonable with your time allotted. For instance, you wouldn’t want to delete an account after only one hour from registering.
Lillie Butler

If you want to do this without a plugin, I suggest downloading the plugin and studying its code to see how it identifies such users.
Anja Garnett

2. It is a bit hard to search by a particular email address on that page, I guess it is because the search functionality is not implemented to search through these records. This is a common use case when someone asks me about the confirmation email, because they didn’t receive it, and I need to resend it or activate the account manually. Finding by email will be much easier than navigating through the pagination without a clear order there.
Eula Moore

If you run a WordPress or BuddyPress installation, you probably know that some of the biggest administrative headaches come from the activation process. Activation emails may be caught by spam filters, deleted unwillingly, or simply not understood. Yet WordPress itself has no UI for viewing and managing unactivated members.

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