How to Find and Remove Unused Shortcodes From WordPress Posts

How to Find and Remove Unused Shortcodes From WordPress Posts
Dawn Cunningham

Shortcodes are great, but they are not always the best way. One disadvantage of using a plugin or theme that relies on shortcodes is that when you switch a theme or deactivate the plugin, they will leave behind shordcode tags in your posts which will look strange to your readers. In this article, we will show how to find and remove unused shortcodes from your WordPress posts and pages.

How to Remove Unused Shortcodes From WordPress Posts
Tricia Floyd

Many theme developers provide shortcode to their theme for some functions like insert element to the post. Besides this many plugins also use the shortcode for their function such as insert ad code to the post. Using of shortcode is comfort way to add elements to the post, But The main problem arise when we switch the theme or disable the plugin, They will leave behind shortcode tags in the posts which will look ugly to your readers.
Tonya Mcgee

Are Shortcodes Bad?No, absolutely not. Shortcodes are not bad, but overusing them can be problematic. For example, we use Compact Archives plugin which provides a shortcode and a template tag. We have the shortcode only on our archives page, so if we ever deactivate that plugin, then there is just one page we need to remove the shortcode from.
Monnie William

Often times WordPress users will install a plugin to display some feature on their site. Usually these plugins will come with a [shortcode] to make displaying the content a little easier. Sometimes the plugin and shortcode works fine, but after a while you may find another plugin that works better, or simply decide that you don’t want the feature any more.

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