How to Find a Backdoor in a Hacked WordPress Site and Fix It

How to Find and Clean Backdoors in a Hacked WordPress Site
Mary Mann

   Uploads Directory – You never really want to check your uploads directory. Of course, you really do not find a reason to do so. Why would you? You just upload the image, and use it in your post. You probably have thousands of images in the uploads folder divided by year and month. It is very easy for the hacker to upload a backdoor in the uploads folder because it will hide among thousands of media files. Plus you don’t check it regularly. Most folks don’t have a monitoring plugin like Sucuri. Moreover, the uploads directory is writable, so it can work the way it is supposed to. This makes it a great target.

How to Find a Backdoor in a Hacked WordPress Site and Fix It.
Ammie Blodgett

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Finding and Fixing a Backdoor in a Hacked WordPress Site
Jamika Shannon

A back door allows a hacker to create hidden admin username so he/she can access the system. On the other hand, a more complex backdoor allows the hacker to run any PHP code send from the browser. Things get worse with a backdoor that features a full fledged user interface that allows a hacker to send emails that make one think they are coming from the server, run SQL queries and any other thing a hacker might think of. A hacker exploits a system by installing a backdoor in themes, plugins, uploads directory, Includes Folder, and wp-config.php.  Hackers install the back door in old and inactive themes so it can survive updates. People don’t upgrade plugins often and some plugins are coded poorly; this makes plugins a potential place for a hacker to hide a backdoor. How to hack a WordPress site shows you how hackers do this normally and this guide is for developers so they can be careful to install a plugin or upgrade a plugin.

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