How to Feature/Bury Comments in WordPress with Featured Comments

How to Feature/Bury Comments in WordPress with Featured Comments
Becky Gardner

Comments are great for increasing user engagement, but as your site grows in popularity long comment threads can become a mixed blessing. On one hand you love the community and the discussion, but on the other hand you’ll notice that some comments are great while others not so much. Recently one of our readers came to us with this problem in hopes of finding a solution. To improve the quality of discussion, you can encourage good comments by featuring them and discourage unhelpful comments by burying them. In this article, we will show you how to feature/bury comments in WordPress.

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Christena Inman

You can highlight some good comments and feature them and that helps in encouraging your site visitors to comment and take part in ongoing discussions and at the same time it also enables you to discourage unwanted and useless comments, the comments which are not giving any value addition. This tutorial is on a cool WordPress plugin called Featured Comments, the plugin enables you to add “featured” or “buried” CSS class to some selected comments and you can very easily highlight comments which are adding some value to your blog post.

15 Best Plugins to Improve WordPress Comments 2018
Tasha Martin

Yoast Comment Hacks is a suite of tools that helps make comment management easier. It allows you to email comment authors from WordPress, email all users who commented on a specific post, provide cleaner comment notification email, redirect first time commenter to a thank you page, assign comments to a specific thread, and more. Take a look at our guide on how to install and setup Yoast Comment Hacks for WordPress.

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Parthenia Fortier

Hi! Tempera is a great theme, thanks a lot! However, I have a small problem and I don’t understand if it’s theme related or not. How can I change the text “Leave a Reply” above comment form? There should be an option in the Settings section, but it isn’t or I cannot find it. and Also, I need to change the text on a “Post Comment” button… Thanks a lot for your answer and best wishes!

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