How to Fade In Last Sidebar Widget in WordPress Using jQuery

How to Fade In the Last Sidebar Widget in WordPress using jQuery
Tisa Yeager

Hi wpbeginner, I love this tweak and the solution you’ve been giving to the community, thanks a million! I have a question, please, how can I integrate or if there’s a plugin/solution that can be use to query application forms submitted by applicants and the result show come up in the admin dashboard, for instance; how many applicant are below 25yrs? and the plugin should fetch the result from the database and show the relevant details in a nice table format that can be exported to excel. Possible? Please advise. Thanks

12 WordPress Sidebar Tricks to Get Maximum Results
Karla Simmons

I need to know if I am using widgets on my blog with the options set in the visibility mode where I set a certain criteria for certain widgets to appear (or be hidden) on some categories or pages. This obviously means that I will use more widgets, some will appear in one category the others in other categories. Is it an extra load on my blog? Is my blog loading all the widgets at startup or it will only load the widgets when the desired category is visited.

How to make any widget sticky in WordPress sidebar
Carley Jeffrey

Mainly the visitor doesn’t view the sidebar content but you can grab attention on it by making sticky some of the widgets like – newsletter, ads, etc.

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