How to Export All WordPress URLs in Plain Text

How to Export All WordPress URLs in Plain Text
Laurie Castro

Recently, one of our users asked us if it was possible to export all WordPress URLs in plain text or a CSV file? Sometimes you may need those URLs for migrating a website or setting up redirects. In this article, we will show you how to export all WordPress URLs in plain text.
Joann Townsend

This plugin will add a page called “Export All URLs” under Settings. You can navigate there and can extract data from your site. You can export Posts:

How to Export WordPress URLs (Using Two Different Methods)
Tonya Mcgee

Although using a plugin produces good results, you may want to export your URLs manually – at the very least, you’re saving potentially valuable resources. For this method, you’ll need access to a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client – we recommend the open-source FileZilla – or use the File Manager in cPanel. If you’re new to FTP, find a good tutorial, and brush up on your skills before starting – and don’t forget to create a backup of your WordPress website before you begin!

How to Export WordPress URLs to Text or CSV Files
Brinda Keegan

This is the main settings page and as you can tell there is not much on the page. Simply check the boxes that best suit you for each category. For this tutorial, we are focusing on URLs. Check the All Types option in the Select A Post Type To Extract category. Check the URL box in the Additional Data category. Keep the Published option selected in the Post Status category. You can then select Export Type at the bottom of the settings. Either click on CSV to get those types of files or click on Output here to display the URLs as text.

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