How to Exclude Pages from WordPress Search

How to Exclude Specific Pages From Your WordPress Search Results
Reena Downs

The good news is you can improve WordPress’ search functionality using plugins and by tweaking its code. However, that can be a bit overkill unless your website has a massive library of content. In our experience, you can also get improved results by telling WordPress which pages it shouldn’t crawl, so they don’t clutter up your search results. Let’s talk about how you can improve your WordPress search results.

How to Exclude Pages from WordPress Search
Ashlee Griggs

During another recent custom WordPress project, a client only wanted to display their blog posts when the native WordPress search was used. The reason was that during certain searches visitors were performing on her WordPress site, the client’s hidden landing pages, hidden thank you pages, and hidden digital product download pages were being displayed in the site search results! As you can imagine this was a big deal because her products aren’t inexpensive!

How To Exclude WordPress Pages From Search Results?
Enda Arriaga

Each website has posts or even categories of materials to be excluded from search results. For example, information showing versions of WordPress, plugins, and themes. This data helps hackers to get access to your website easier. We’ve already discussed how to improve the website security and to remove JS and CSS versions in WordPress. If there are no authentication and access codes on your website, the private information can be exposed. If the search bots are not directed correctly, they start scanning everything on your website. You do definitely need to exclude WordPress pages from search results.

How to Exclude Pages from WordPress Search Results
Arianna Melancon

By default, WordPress will include your site’s pages in its search results, which can sometimes be annoying and quite frankly irrelevant to your user’s needs. In order to combat this, we can add simple function into our functions.php file in order to filter out those pages in our search results.

How to Exclude Pages from WordPress Search Results
Margaret Vargas

By default, WordPress Search feature displays published posts and published pages in the search results. Often when users are looking for something in your blog, they are most likely looking for a post rather than a page. It makes sense to display only posts in your search results. Or may be there are certain posts you want to avoid from being shown in the search results. These could be old posts, or irrelevant results.

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