How to Enforce One Category Per Post in WordPress

How to Enforce One Category Per Post in WordPress
Betty Barnes

By default the categories metabox contains checkboxes next to category names which allows users to choose multiple categories. With Categories Metabox Enhanced plugin, you can change it into radio button or select options. Choosing a radio and select option will restrict users to select only one category at a time.

How to Enforce One Category Per Post in WordPress
Sherrie Bollinger

When adding categories to posts we would recommend only using one category per post. This can be difficult for beginner to get used to. In this video, we will show you how to enforce one category per post in WordPress.
Johanna Colon

Previously, I used jQuery to watch the category panel on the right side, but in Gutenberg the panel is controlled by React, the old method doesn’t work well anymore.

Can you Enforce Using Just One Category Per Post in WordPress?
Elvira Abbott

By using the Categories Metabox Enhanced WordPress Plugin, you can actually eliminate the possibility of authors selecting more than one category. Start by downloading the plugin and installing it within your WordPress Dashboard. Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you will find the options for it under “Settings>>Categories Metabox Enhanced” in your dashboard.

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