How to Enable Customer Reviews on Your Website with Wiremo – A Review

How to Enable Customer Reviews on Your Website with Wiremo – A Review
Josephine Harrison

Wiremo offers an easy way to collect and display customer reviews on your website. The simple installation process takes only a minute to add customer reviews to any post, page, or other content. As the tool supports modern languages like English, French, Spanish, Russian, etc., you can easily integrate customer reviews to your multi-lingual website.

eCommerce customer reviews platform
Amelia Glover

Many users forget to leave reviews. Don’t wait until they decide to return to your website. Our widget offers many convenient functions, which you can use to request a review, thank customers for a purchase or reward them with a personalized bonus code. This will increase customer loyalty who would be more likely to recommend your products and services to others.

How to setup and use Wiremo plugin for WooCommerce on WordPress
Anja Garnett

6. For those who choose to create a Wiremo account follow the next steps. Please make sure all inputs are filled out properly. In case everything is ok please press the “Yes, use this details” button. You’ll bee connected with Wiremo automatically. If there are some details that would like to change press on the “No, I would like to change” button. Then update your details and press the “Sign in” button.

Squarespace Wiremo integration plugin
Ammie Blodgett

2. To enable and use Past Orders Review Request with Wiremo plugin you should create a Review Request template in the Wiremo Dashboard. Go to Wiremo Dashboard, then in main menu go to Review Request -> Automated RR and press the “New Template” button. For more details please read this tutorial: How to create an email template for automated review request 

How to Get More Customer Reviews
Lan Pacheco

According to PeopleClaim, 70% of customers read online reviews before buying anything. Therefore, we suggest that you encourage your customers to leave reviews but not directly reward customers. You should use indirect ways. For example, we do not recommend offering a discount before they left a review. This can be done easily using Wiremo Triggers. It’s not only attracting untrustworthy reviewers but also illegal in many Western countries. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published a guideline regarding Truth in Advertising, which says that any company must disclose if they have compensated their customers for giving online testimonials or endorsements in any way.

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