How to Embed SoundCloud in your WordPress Posts by using oEmbed

WordPress Embed Examples – Flickr, Twitter, SoundCloud and many more
Eustolia Fincher

I’ve provided examples of embedding from many popular sites below but there are many more sites supported. In each example, I’ve included the url used and html code snippet where applicable. This article has grown larger than I had expected so you can jump to the section you are interested in from here. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, SoundCloud, Instagram, PollDaddy,, Reddit

How to Allow Others to Embed Your WordPress Posts
Lucienne Coon

Embedding has now become the norm when it comes to sharing content on websites. In WordPress, embedding content from sites like Youtube, Twitter, and SoundCloud is downright easy, thanks to the oEmbed API. Simply add the link into the post content and, WordPress immediately parses the link and renders it into a presentable format.

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