How to Embed Bing Maps in WordPress

How to Embed Bing Maps in WordPress
Courtney Page

When the popup appears click on ‘Customize and preview’ which will open up a window for you to customize your map. Once you are satisfied with the preview click the ‘Generate Code’ button and insert that code into a text widget, a page, or a post.

How To Embed Bing Maps In Your WordPress Blog
Lucienne Coon

Quite a many times you do wish to have bing maps in your WordPress blog. Then, whether it will be just to display your own brand address (for contact purpose) or showcasing different locations (if you are planning to use it in the blog). Possibilites are many on how you like to use it but utterly important is that how you plan to implement it in your website. In context to the above, I am going to share out the ways in this article with which you can have bing maps with you.

WordPress. How to embed bing maps
Patsy Lindsey

Below the code you will find a button Customize and Preview which will open a new window. On this window you can customize your map. Choose a map size, show or hide links to bing maps, choose map type, etc. Once you are satisfied with the preview, simply click on the Generate Code button:

How to Add Bing Maps in WordPress
Phyliss Teal

Today, I will demonstrate how to add Bing Maps in WordPress using two methods. The first method is to directly embed Bing Maps on your website. This is by far the easiest method and for most websites, especially if they only have one physical location. If you have multiple locations or simply run a website where you may need multiple maps on your website, the first method may be tedious. The second method is using the Leaflet Maps Marker plugin. This plugin works for both Bing Maps and Google Maps.

How to insert / embed Bing maps in your website (wordpress / Blogger)
Faith Daniel

Here at Blog Time Now we have seen many embedding tutorials such as embedding Google maps in Blogger,embedding Google maps in wordpress, embedding Facebook videos in a website, embedding SoundCloud in Blogger andembedding media files in wordpress. All those tutorials are made easy and that is because all sites simply offers an code in which you can easily embed objects anywhere without spending too much time and effort. Embedding Bing maps are easy too! Here we will show you how to insert / embed Bing maps in your website that is on both wordpress as well as Blogger.

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