How to Embed an External RSS Feed in WordPress Posts via Shortcode

How to Embed an External RSS Feed in WordPress Posts via Shortcode
Stacy Roberson

Have you ever seen showcases like 25 best XYZ sites to follow? Usually these tutorials have the site name, site screenshot, a small description, and the list of recent posts. The main issue with those posts are the list of recent posts which gets outdated overtime because most authors manually create those links at the time of writing. That post is really outdated as soon as any one of those other sites publish a new post. Well in this article, we will show you how to embed an external RSS feed in WordPress posts via shortcode, so you can keep your list posts relevant.

5 of the Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins in 2019
Amelia Glover

If you want to avoid publishing duplicate content on your site, Feedzy Pro comes integrated with WordAI and SpinnerChief that can rewrite the original articles in a human, non-robotic style. The tools will be of help when you import a full-length article from external sources, which is also possible with Feedzy. You are not limited to excerpts, you can actually fetch the full text from any feed, including product prices if you own an e-commerce business.
Rolande Kline

To use the RSS shortcode, you’ll need the URL of the feed you want to embed. For example, the feed URL for the blog is

How to Import RSS Feeds Into WordPress as Posts
Yessenia Tellez

Once you have the feed(s) that you’d like to import, head to Feedzy RSS → Import Posts. Give it a name so that you can remember what you’re importing and paste the RSS feed URL into the box. You can separate multiple feed URLs with commas:

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