How to Email Authors When Their Articles are Published in WordPress

How to Email Authors When Their Articles are Published in WordPress
Lan Pacheco

1) I manage a multi authors site.
2) They can publish without any control (they are all journalists, so the authors can publish in “real time”)
3) My authors ask me to add a little form under their post (like the classic mailing list form)
4) The purpose of this form is to send and email to the subscribers only when the author of the post publish a new post.

WordPress Tutorials
Lucienne Coon

With this plugin, you’re emailing everyone immediately when new content is added. So if you make a mistake and accidentally publish, users will get an email about it. Therefore, be sure to carefully create and publish your content. Double or triple check your work to be sure.

How to Prevent an Author from Publishing in WordPress
Corina Pinkerton

A lot of sites employ multiple authors on their WordPress blogs. Even if you own the site, you might not generate the content yourself. However, you might want to review each and every blog post before it gets published. Or maybe you wish to separate out the SEO and content aspects, so you want your SEO guy to optimize the articles before they are ready for the general public. In these and other similar situations, you don’t always want to give an author permission to publish a post. Instead, you want them to be able to submit it for review. Even if you leave specific instructions not to publish an article, it can happen accidentally.

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