How To Edit Images Using The WordPress Image Editor?

How To Edit Images Using The WordPress Image Editor?
Tricia Floyd

Apart from the above details, there is a meta box titled Save on the right showing the details of the image file. The date and time of upload of the file, the URL of the image file which shows the path and filename with extension (format) of the file, the file name, the type of the file, the size of the file and its dimensions in pixels are displayed. These are for the user’s reference and cannot be changed directly here. When the image is edited, these details change accordingly.

How to Easily Edit Images In WordPress
Stacy Roberson

There just so happens to be a great image editor built-in that most users are unaware of so they typically don’t take advantage of it’s easy options to edit images in WordPress. The image editor is a fantastic tool to resize, crop and otherwise manipulate images after you’ve already uploaded them to your media library. Just follow the steps below to and learn how to edit images in WordPress right from your dashboard!
Pat Sullivan

If you’re sure you would like to restore an image, click on the image in the media library, select Edit, then choose the Restore Original button. The image will then revert back to its original form.
Phyllis Cohen

Photoshop-style photo editor supports layers, google fonts, photo filters, cropping, history-tracker and specific-sized templates defined…

How to Easily Edit Images in WordPress
Aurora Delacruz

I need to rotate an image in one of my galleries on my website, but there is no option to do this?
I click on Envira Gallery on the side of my WordPress page, then click on the gallery with the image in I want to rotate, then I click on the edit icon in the corner of the specific image and the Metadata box opens up, but there is no option to actually edit the image or rotate it? Please could some one advise me on what I need to do, thanks.

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