How to Easily Lazy Load Comments in WordPress
Monnie William

Plugin name says everything. This plugin prevents the comments from loading automatically when page/post is loaded. Instead, this plugin will lazy load the comments when user scroll down to comments section or clicking on comment button.

How to Lazy Load WordPress Images and Comments to Speed Up Your Site
Allene Boynton

And it’s the same with your comments section. Lazy loading WordPress comments can eliminate both page size and external HTTP requests (if you’re using a third-party comment plugin like Disqus). Without going into too much detail, I’ll just say that too many HTTP requests can slow down your WordPress site just like a large file size.

How to Lazy Load Gravatars in WordPress Comments
Loyce Nabors

Do you want to lazy load Gravatars on your WordPress site? Gravatars cause extra http requests which slows down your site’s page load speed particularly on articles with a lot of comments. In this article, we will show you how to lazy load Gravatars in WordPress comments and improve your website speed.

How to Lazy Load WordPress Comments, Images, and YouTube Videos
Sue Rhodes

Lazy loading alone will not get you a blazing fast WordPress site. But as part of a broader strategy, it’s a great way to squeeze some extra performance out of your site. So, make sure you’re already following the tips in our ultimate guide to speeding up WordPress. Then, add in these lazy loading tools to boost your speed even more.

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