How to Easily Import and Export WordPress Users
Christy Garner

✅ Export Import WooCommerce Customer details into CSV a file.(Basic version supports only WordPress User Import and User Export)
✅ Option to choose All Roles or Multiple Roles while export (Basic Supports only single role at a time)
✅ Various Filter options for exporting Customers.
✅ Map and Transform fields while Importing Customers.
✅ Change values while improting Customers using Evaluation Fields.
✅ Choice to Update or Skip existing imported Customers.
✅ Choice to Send or Skip Emails for newly imported Customers.
✅ WPML Supported. French language support Out of the Box.
✅ Export Import users to/from a remote server via FTP in Scheduled time interval with Cron Job.
✅ Excellent Support for setting it up!

How to Easily Import and Export WordPress Users
Christie Morgan

To import users also need Cimy plugin. In the same way as for the export we see that it is properly installed and activated. Then the user selects in the CSV file, create a user option. In the post will be notified about the parameters to be sent to new users of credit card details and passwords for the current users. And after that import and upload the file.

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