How to Easily Hide Widget Title in WordPress

How to Easily Hide Widget Title in WordPress
Dawn Cunningham

Widgets make it extremely easy for beginner level WordPress users to drag and drop items into different widget areas and create unique layouts for their websites. You can even extend the power of default widgets to get better control on your site’s layout by using conditional statements. Most widgets allow you to give them a title. This title then appears in Widgets admin area as well as your website’s front end. The problem is that some times you may not want to display the widget title on your website. One of our users recently asked us how to remove widget title in WordPress? Well in this article, we will show you how to easily hide widget title in WordPress.
Santana Quigley

This plugin was originally was developed by Randall Runnels of Dojo Digital. In March 2015, the plugin was not compatible with the latest version of WordPress. After finding the problem, Brandon Kraft reached out with a solution, but didn’t hear a response. He contacted the Plugins team at with an offer to assume development to bring it up date. The plugins team reached out and either recieved the approval of Randall, did not hear back at all, or the e-mail bounced.

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