How to Easily Bulk Delete All WordPress Comments

How to Easily Bulk Delete All WordPress Comments
Lucienne Coon

However, if you just want to delete the spam comments, then take a look at our guide on how to batch delete spam comments in WordPress. If you are upset about comment spam on your WordPress, then make sure you check these tips and tools to combat comment spam in WordPress.

How to Delete All Comments in WordPress in Bulk
Arianna Melancon

Of course, you may actually just want to remove comments entirely by disabling the section. Managing a comments section is a full-time job and many newer websites do not have the staff to maintain a healthy comments section. Thus, you may want to delete all of the existing comments and disable the section completely. That way when you choose to enable your comments section again, it will be like starting from scratch.
Tricia Floyd

This Version will show you count for the comments that you want to delete it and will provide the better interface. Adding the confirmation when you delete the comments.

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