How to Easily Add Icon Fonts in Your WordPress Theme

How to Easily Add Icon Fonts in Your WooCommerce Theme
Lyndia Woodruff

Icon Moon is a free pack with 450 icons, as well as have the opportunity to buy a premium set at $ 39 for 900 icons. It has this project and a free application where you can create your own font by selecting the icon of the existing sets and drawing up a set of different packages available with icons. This will save you time and download from various sources a lot of different fonts that you would like to try.

How to Use WordPress Icon Fonts the Right Way (Better Performance)
Kit Suarez

There are a lot of great places to now find icon fonts for your WordPress site. Just type “icon font” into Google will yield you some great results. One of the most popular and widely used ones is Font Awesome. As of writing this, it has 1,400+ free icons, as well as 4,500+ icons in their pro version. It includes icons for just about everything, from interface, to social, arrows, and many other types of icons.

Easily Add Custom Icons to Your Theme Menu in WordPress
Jannie Goff

Ever wanted to add your own custom menu icons to your WordPress theme just so that you can improve the aesthetics of your blog or website? Out of the box, WordPress does support adding menu icons by simply adding your own CSS and resulting classes to the menu items. This approach of adding menu icons provides greater flexibility but requires you to know a thing or two about dealing with the CSS and any other backend custom edits. So, if you just want to add the menu icons without all the technicality, then here is how you can use Menu Icons to achieve the task at hand.

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