How to Easily Add a Customer Reviews Page in WordPress

How to Easily Add a Customer Reviews Page in your WordPress Site
Christena Inman

Not allowing customers to actually submit their own reviews on the website makes it hard to collect information. This can be accomplished by adding a contact us either in the footer bar or sidebar. which can be added easily through widgets. You can even ask for their photograph to add a picture to their review and make people remember these are real people leaving reviews. Using this method you can simply copy and paste their reviews in, but I can’t stress this enough, don’t create fake reviews. It is very obvious when every review is 5 or 4 stars.

5 Ways to Add Customer Reviews to Your WordPress Website
Dianne Hodges

Customer reviews are an important and necessary component of every e-commerce website. Over 64% of consumers actively seek out customer reviews before making purchasing decisions. Whether they are text or visual, real customer reviews not only help to build brand trust but also to increase top line revenue by providing browsers with a more authentic lens through which to learn about your products. To keep visitors on your site and moving through the sales funnel more quickly, consider adding a review plugin to your WordPress site. 

WordPress Customer Reviews: 4 Plugins to Help You Collect Them
Amelia Glover

To be able to move the review box around within your post or to add multiple review boxes, you’ll need to purchase pro features. The pro plugin also integrates your site with Amazon and syncs the prices (top-end plans). Custom icons, options to import from previous reviews, and automatic generation of comparison tables are all part of pro features.

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