How to Easily Add a Client Feedback Form in WordPress (Step by Step)

How to Easily Add a Client Feedback Form in WordPress (Step by Step)
Della Armstrong

Hi, I’ve just created a new Contact Page for my website but it has placed it in the main area (where new posts go). I wanted it as a separate page (link) alongside the ‘About Me’ page. In other words prospects would have to click on that page (link) to access the contact form instead of seeing it in the main text.
How would I do this ?

How To Add A Feedback Form To WordPress
Opal Curry

The feedback form is often overlooked by site owners. If you open yourself up to some constructive criticism, I think you will be pleased with the results. I use a simple feedback form on my own site, and receive several suggestions every month. I’ve used these submissions to fix bugs on the site, and occasionally I’ve even gotten new ideas for features. Creating a positive loop between you and your users is never a bad thing. It can give dedicated visitors a place to connect to you, and I guarantee that connection will be worth it. So try it out, and see if it works for you.

How to Easily Disable Blog Features in WordPress
Annie Bowen

To answer your question, yes. On the back-end, it removes menu items from the Dashboard’s sidebar and toolbar, removes blog-related meta boxes on the Dashboard page, and removes blog-related widgets. On the front-end, feeds, pingbacks, trackbacks, XML-RPC, Windows Live Writer, and emoji support are removed from the header.

How to Add One-Click Login With Google in WordPress
Christie Morgan

Now, you need to add a project name and select the location. Project name can be anything, and Location will be your organization’s domain name ( If you are logged in with your company’s Google account or your GSuite account, then it will add the location and organization automatically.

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