How to Duplicate WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin

How to Duplicate WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin
Milda Layman

Do you want to duplicate your WordPress database using phpMyAdmin? WordPress stores all your website data in a MySQL database. Sometimes you may need to quickly clone a WordPress database to transfer a website or to create manual backups. In this article, we will show you how to easily duplicate WordPress database using phpMyAdmin.

How to Duplicate WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin
Laurie Castro

All WordPress hosting providers offer MySQL database. Sometimes you need to create manual backups or transfer a website. At both situations, you prefer cloning a WordPress database. Not only these, there are various situations where you may need to copy your WordPress database.

HostPapa Knowledge Base
Jamika Shannon

All of your WordPress data, including content, comments, users, links, and metadata is stored in a MySQL database. Duplicating, or cloning the database allows you to easily transfer your site to another host, create a duplicate site for development, or create site backups. In this article, you’ll learn how to use the phpMyAdmin web interface to duplicate your WordPress database.

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