How to Duplicate Theme Files from WordPress Admin Panel

How to Duplicate Theme Files from WordPress Admin Panel
Vella Whalen

Have you ever worked on a client’s site who is not willing to give you FTP? The hardest part about that is you cannot create new template files, nor you can duplicate an existing template file. In this article, we will share with you a plugin that allows theme authors to clone an existing template file from the WordPress admin panel. This will keep you from having to download, rename and re-upload new files via FTP.

How to Duplicate WordPress Themes From the Admin Dashboard
Desiree Johnson

Sometimes you’ll have clients who don’t want to give you FTP access to their web servers. Perhaps you want direct access from WordPress without installing a third-party application. Maybe you’re away from your main computer and need to make changes from a web browser.

How to duplicate a page in WordPress
Bethany Reynolds

When working on your website you may want to display content from one page on the other. We are going to show you how to duplicate pages in WordPress. You may already notice that we have a lot of WordPress themes based on different plugins, for example, Power builder based and Elementor based themes. Let’s see how to duplicate pages in those themes:

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