How to do Live Blogging in WordPress

How to do Live Blogging in WordPress
Maisie Pickett

Live Blogging plugin uses WordPress Custom Post Types to allow you to create micro blog entries in a stripped down version of the normal post edit screen. These micro blog entries then get included in a post which has been activated as the microblog. This plugin uses AJAX polling to allow your readers to instantly update what they are viewing, including any new comments posted on the post. This plugin also has the option to integrate with Twitter in which the first 139 characters of each live blog entry is posted to the twitter account. Using this plugin will give you an advantage over your competitors if you’re blogging from live events because your readers will get updates quicker, and it integrates into your blog better than other competing systems.

How to Do a Live Blog in WordPress
Ammie Blodgett

Install and activate the “Liveblog” plugin. You can find this by using the search field located on the right side of the screen. Make sure you install the correct title. This tutorial is focused on Liveblog, so you don’t want to be confused when following along. Besides, many of the available plugins have gone several years without updates.

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