How to Display Your Top Commenters in WordPress Sidebar

How to Display Your Top Commenters in WordPress Sidebar
Alanna Marrero

Have you seen some blogs displaying their top commenters? Recently one of our users asked us how they could show their top commenters in the sidebar? Comments allow users to engage with the content on your website. This is why website owners use different methods to encourage comments. Showcasing your most active users in the sidebar of your site can be an effective strategy to motivate other users. In this article, we will show you how to display your top commenters in WordPress sidebar.

How To Make Top Commenters Appear In Your WordPress Sidebar
Sparkle Field

Afterward, you will find the minimum amount of comments needed for the widget to display them. This is highly dependent on the average number of comments each person leaves. You need to pick a number that will display the right people. Underneath this option, you will find a box that allows you to exclude certain groups. By default, the admin is excluded, but you should expand this to include authors and editors. You do not want staff members to be displayed, you want visitors.

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